A good energy “refill”

Dates provide too much energy. If you consume a small portion of 25g net dates (3 to 5 fruits, depending on their size) we already receive nearly 75 calories. Dates are therefore the food of choice for muscular work as they provide the vitamin B necessary for carbohydrate metabolism.

These fruits are recommended for sports activities such as hiking, cycling, shopping, etc. Dates are rich in carbohydrates, so they contribute a balance for everyday energy intake

An excellent mineral supplement

Dates have a high intake of minerals that are necessary for a good dietary balance, thus, they are rich in potassium, which is interesting for athletes and the elderly. These minerals are not always present in sufficient quantity in the diet. They also help to meet the needs of calcium, zinc, copper. Effective fibers.

Effective fibers

Dates help to strengthen fiber intake which are very effective against the tendency to intestinal laziness. The most mellow date varieties are generally well tolerated.

Chaque variété a ses propres spécificités

Sèche (teneur en eau d’environ 10%)

Demi-sèche (teneur en eau entre 10% et 15%) comme Deglet Nour

Douce (teneur en eau entre 15% et 20%)