SLIM DATTES selects for you the best and largest fields of date palms in southern Tunisia “the oases with date palms of Nafta”.

We produce and export high quality organic dates, our pride is to have been able to introduce the true Tunisian date in the international markets, and especially the organic products to save an original taste of our soft dates.


Deglet Nour

The queen of dates is the most preferred and internationally recognized type of date variety. It is characterized by its distinguished color and smell, superior quality and unique creamy taste. It is traditionally called ‘Shining Light Leak’ for its translucent golden color, its soft, golden appearance and elegant shape…En savoir plus


Common dates

This name is used to differentiate deglet nour from the rest of the varieties. Among the most popular common dates we find the Alig, it is a sweet date characterized by a tasty taste, this date variety is cultivated in November.


Organic dates

The palms of SLIM dates develop the best varieties of dates, which produce the famous organic dates certified according to the system of biological culture.